Empower your elderly loved ones with meaningful relationships and engaging roles that lift spirits and combat isolation

With your help, this is what we’ve set out to discover and provide.

Modern lifestyles require modern solutions
  • 32% Increased risk of stroke.

  • 50% Increased risk of developing dementia.

  • 29% Increased risk of heart disease.

*The above statistics are sourced from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.
Loneliness impairs judgement.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for considering this opportunity. My name is Chuck, and I’m reaching out because I believe in the power of social connection and want to test the potential of a tele-companionship service to improve the lives of lonely seniors.

I need volunteers for a free trial program, and your participation would be greatly appreciated.

Loneliness drives impulsive behavior.

Trial Program:

Concept: We aim to improve seniors’ quality of life through greater social connection. To this end, we connect seniors via video chat or phone with one of our hand-picked agents in Bogota, Colombia. The chat sessions are structured around the senior helping their new friend practice English through simple conversation. Through helping, your loved one is empowered with a teaching role that drives a renewed sense of purpose. And, quietly in the background, relationships form, fulfilling their fundamental need for human connection.

Discovery: Your parent will partake in a number of weekly 30-minute chat sessions. Over the following weeks, we seek to answer:

1) Do lonely seniors find this process accessible, entertaining, and something to look forward to?

2) Do relationships between the seniors and agents form, and can we all see the added benefits in their day-to-day?

3) Does the senior find renewed purpose in helping the student learn English?

4) Does our system support your needs? You’re
a critical piece of the caregiver equation. How can we help you?


Loneliness lowers quality of sleep.

Bernie M., Toronto: “I can’t begin to describe what Chuck and the team have given to me through our time together.”

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    Join the Trial Program and let’s connect.

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    Once we understand your needs let’s get your parent involved.

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    Through video chat, your loved one teaches, is entertained, and forms meaningful relationships.

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    The team is always on stand-by to offer an empathetic ear and support.

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    See the impact on your loved one’s well-being.

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